We kept Jakob Pöltl so thats good, Im sad for Derrick tho =(

Yeah I was not ready to lose Jakob, I'm really kinda relieved

Kept Lonnie too, Im glad.


Kept Jakob and get 2 FRPS?

Easily one of the best Spurs trade deadlines I can remember. Super solid moves without completely dumpstering the roster.

A+ by Brian Wright, now we need to use these assets to get a top pick

2 firsts and a pick swap 6 years from now. Not bad at all.


Brian Wright, more like PATFO 2.0

If we are counting the Denver trade in this we technically didn’t lose Hernangomez because didn’t gain him until we lost Forbes. We did lose him today but as far as “net gain/loss” for all our recent trades we started and ended without him.


Give me all the picks!!! Lol

and package all the picks!!!


First Team All-Defense incoming? Worst case scenario we trade him in the off-season or keep him on his cheap contract and that’s a W regardless



Well that was eventful. Gonna miss Derrick White.


Draft night is gonna be insane for us.

With the #1 pick the San Antonio Spurs select...

With the #2 pick the San Antonio Spurs select...

With the #3 pick the San Antonio Spurs select...

With the #4 pick the San Antonio Spurs select...

I miss Derrick already


My girl and Derrick White are both drowning, who do I save?

Ngl I'm kinda shocked that Jak/Charlotte deal didn't materialize I really thought after Derrick got moved that Jak was gone too


Was impressed with that rumored deal of Jones, Washington, and a first-round pick. Makes sense the Hornets would pull out, but I was just glad there was a deal lurking around that was actually at Jak's value. No reason to take anything less than that.


Excited to see Devin as a starter (I'm assuming). Going to miss Derrick still. Also more mins for Primo and Jones!

The Spurs haven’t played a basketball game today, but man did they go ham in the trade deadline.

I’ll say this, I’m going to miss Derrick White. A consummate Spurs who was an absolute steal with the 29th Pick. He was also a good dude and a great locker room guy. A damn good player who can contribute to a championship team. I said before that I wouldn’t trade Derrick White unless the Spurs get a great package. Well, this is as good as it gets. A lightly protected first and a favorable swap in 2028. Well done Brian Wright.

Getting anything from the end of bench guys, or guys that haven’t played much (Forbes, Thad, Juancho, Eubanks) is an absolute win. Giving up a 2nd Round Pick via DET hurts but the Spurs get 2022 1st (lottery protected). So think of like moving up this years draft.

ITS OVER...FINALLY. I need to go get some aspirin.

I think we win this TD, finally blowing it up for capital and going all in on youth/pieces for DJ

Edit: Still hurting over Derrick though :(



Hi.. uhh, can someone please explain to me what all those words after 2022 1st round draft pick in the Thad trade mean? thank you


If the Raptors don't make the playoffs we don't get the pick this year, if we don't get it next year either, it becomes 2 2nd rounders.

(we will get it this year, raps will make playoffs)



I wonder what the plan is with Richardson - is he gonna be a starter?


I guess Primo, Lonnie, Richardson off the bench


he is shooting 40% from 3 so he'll definitely get playing time


Celtics fan here, y’all got a good one in Romeo and I’m excited to see how Pop maximizes his skill set.

Our sub has been down on him because of his admittedly tough (but unlucky) injury history. What they don’t mention, is that he is a certified NBA defender already and was passable on that end as a rookie as well.

He’s long, is a sneaky good rebounder, and would be a great cutter in the right system.

His shot is still coming around but he’s never been given the chance to really get it going in Boston. Dude is young and misses out on crucial development dealing with injuries as well as these last couple of funky COVID seasons and the bubble.

There’s a lot to like there. Defense is one of the hardest things to evaluate with the eye test and half of our sub don’t even watch the games. I know losing White hurts but I really think Langford has all the skills to become a really good player in this league.






Man, I haven't followed the team as much in January/February as I did in the early season, and I was kind of OOTL about potential trades this season. When my buddy texted me "Harden to Philly" I jumped on r/nba to see what other trades were going down... only to see a bunch of Spurs trades!

It's really, really weird to see all this trade activity from the Spurs. Not used to this at all! But I do like the moves so far, and I like that they've accumulated some picks here and there with each one.



So why didn’t we trade Aldridge or mills last year?


We were contending for a play-in so Mills staying made sense. LMA was unhappy and the league knew so people knew he was a buyout candidate. No trade made sense for contenders so they waited and Broolyn won the bidding war for a cheap contract


I’ll never understand, but I have a little more faith in the FO now, so maybe they just passed on offers that had them taking back some truly bad contracts.


I guess jakob stays. Its bad enough to lose derrick but im kinda excited to see how richardson and langford perform. Goran looks like he wont be staying


Richardson used to be a beast in 2K.


Sad we lost Derrick but it had to be done. Primo szn here we come


With Sacramento and New Orleans making the moves they did, bottoming out was our only option. I was a full believer that we'd have to buy out Thad Young, the fact that we got what we did for him is a huge victory.

Losing Derrick hurts, but he's 27 and we want to give Primo and Vassell more run. It was the logical move.


It's not gonna be talked about by the casuals but we quietly won in this trade deadline when you think about it.


Welcome back Drew!? apparently, the Raps cut him. hopefully, he didn't actually leave.


Cant return to us unless he goes to another team and gets cut by them


I’m sad about Derrick but I’m glad he’s gonna go to a good team and be productive. They are going to love him in Boston

Watching Mavs, Kings and Portland absolutely butcher their teams I'm so thankful for having a competent GM

LOL the Lakers made no trades, ahahahaha

As Derrick whites biggest fan, I'm absolutely heart broken. Even more so because he's going to Boston ? rough news to wake up to. I'm gonna cling on to hope he does a brynn forbes and comes back a year later lol

I think he will thrive being their PG. They got him for his playmaking. He won't be expected to score a lot and he can do what he does best, pass and defend.

Still kinda wish we could've gotten that Hornets deal for Jakob.


PJ doesn't offer anything better than Jak other than shooting. He's mediocre. What could he become? An Aaron Gordon type of guy? I don't take him over a Top 10 Center and Top 3 Defensive Center. Also PJ will need to be paid this offseason. This is key, really. Let's say he comes and asks for 17M a season. What do you do? Jak is 9M for 2 seasons and we all know this. And yet I would feel much more confident in extending him, and if not, we could trade him. PJ not, maybe a Sign-and-Trade, but he would have much value.

Then Kai is then a risky af asset. Same for that 1st which wouldn't be high at all. In the 20s. I don't wanna list all the great stuff Jak did, but easily give me Jakob over unproven guys who can easily bust

So to be quick, the main aspect of this is the PJ's Extension. If he asks a lot he's a RFA and I don't know if it's worth overpaying. We also have ton of money this summer and not many teams do. We could try to snag a big name.




Obviously Derrick White is a good player and it hurts to lose him, but he never quite worked next to Murray. Vassell needs playing time and we were either gonna have to get rid of White or KJ to make room for it.

Ultimately, this was the right move, as much as it hurts to say it.

I rally like it, also sad for D.White but still very very excited about FO moves


Love that Dragic is our highest paid player now lmao


I take it all back

I apologize to brian wright, he did it

This was the best week in a very long time. Draft day will be a very good day

I have been super critical - I was wrong and now i’m psyched

A+ by Wright. I loved Derrick just as much as y'all but now we finally have a focused concise strategy. Instead of aiming to be a playoff team we can really focus on rebuilding a dynasty.

With all the first round picks, assets, salary cap we have, who do you guys think we can realistically get in the offseason? or what can we do?